Retreat Events

Are you hosting a special event, training session, salon, or retreat?

Chef Kristen loves to co-create the food service for the leaders and teachers of the world to make your event NEXT LEVEL!

It is commonly underrated how important food, meals and gathering times affect the overall tone and experience of your guests and participants. Chef Kristen understands how integral not only clean eating matters to the energy level and integration of content, but also how nurturing and holding space can radiate from the kitchen and improve the overall process for each guest.

We do local off-site events and are willing to travel with you. We also have a beautiful venue space open for rent that can accommodate up to 24 people for daytime use. Whether your event is 2 days or 2 weeks and has 10 participants or 200, let us help take it to the next level with deeply nourishing food practices, pre-planning consultations and so much love and support during your event.

We can’t wait to Co-Create your next amazing event!

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