Organic Beef Tallow ~ $6 (includes 8 oz. jar deposit)



Someone needs to defend fat and we are the ones to do it. Thankfully we are not alone. Many researchers, doctors and nutritionists are finally starting to promote fat. In fact, most REAL, healthy traditional fat is good for you in moderation. This includes low processed (unrefined) vegetable fat, like olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. Healthy animal fats include grass fed cows butter, duck fat, shmaltz, pork lard and BEEF TALLOW!

Fat feeds your brain, which is 80% fat, and makes you feel satiated after a meal so you eat less food. Low fat food does not, so your brain continues to tell you to keep eating even when your stomach is full.

Beef Tallow is great for cooking. It’s smoke point is very high, it has a mellow flavor, and it’s great in pastry or tamale dough. Consider frying your morning egg, a veggie saute or your next hamburger in some beef tallow!

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