Pickup and Delivery
Food and Community Go Together

How it Works

Order by Monday for Thursday/Friday pickup or delivery.

After you place your order, all you need to do is know whether you’ll be picking your order up from our store in Jacksonville or if we’ll be delivering it to you.

Unless otherwise noted here or in your order confirmation, the following instructions will apply to your order:

Pickup Instructions

Pick-Up Location

Jefferson Farm Kitchen, 135 S. Oregon Street, Jacksonville

*Pick-Up Times

    • Thursday 1pm-6:30pm
    • Friday 12pm-5pm

*Contact us if you need to arrange another pick-up time. 

Pick-up Protocol

    • We encourage you to bring your own CLEAN bags and boxes to pick up your order. Reusable is BEST! If you don’t have your own bags, we are are happy to provide them for you.
    • Make sure you know the name for the order you are picking up
    • In the store, follow the signs to the Meals-To-Go Pickup Table where we will pull and pack your order.
    • Feel free to call ahead and we’ll try to have your order ready when you arrive: 541-531-6740. But of course, walk-ins are welcome
    • If there is someone else in the store beside our staff, please respect everyone’s right to 6 feet of distance or more, if possible.

If you need assistance

Please call the store at 541-531-6740. If you do not catch us, we will return your call as soon as possible. Please leave as detailed a message as possible, so we know how to direct your call.


We’d love to reuse your jars! Please bring back jars, clean lids  and rings (Especially wide mouth quarts) to receive your $1 deposit back! If you feel you have not received your correct jar credit, please let us know.

Delivery Instructions

Delivery Times

    • Ashland/Medford – 11am – 2pm
    • Jacksonville/Grants Pass/Applegate Valley – 1pm – 4pm

NO CONTACT Delivery Protocol:

    • ALL delivery customers are asked to leave a large cooler with ice packs out front big enough for their order. Alternately, it will be left in the paper bags on your front step.
    • Ideally, the bag can just be placed into the cooler without having to be unpacked.
    • Please DO NOT PUT ICE CUBES in the cooler, as it will melt and get your bag wet and render it useless.
    • If you do not have one, please let me know. Maybe we can help!
    • If there is not a cooler provided, we will trust that you are planning on swooping up your order shortly after delivery and will leave it in the bag at your front door.
    • If you owe a payment or delivery fee, please leave a check or cash in the cooler or in an obvious place for the delivery person to pick up.
    • The delivery person will have hand sanitizer with them, will not be in contact with other customers, and is trained in safe food handling practices. We wear masks when we’re out and about.
    • If you have an issue with your delivery on FRIDAY, please call Gilly at 406-250-8884.

Who to call if you need assistance.

    • Prior to the delivery times (Tuesday – Thursday and Friday morning before 11am), please call the store at 541-531-6740. Kristen or Patti will greet you or we will get your message and call you back.
    • After we ship out for delivery at 11am or if you have a problem with your delivery on Friday, please call Gilly at 406-250-8884.

How do you know your order has arrived?

The delivery person will leave your food, ring the doorbell, and head out. If you have any questions, you can call the store or holler after them, but please respect everyone’s safety and keep a minimum of 10 feet apart. Bonus points for wearing your mask, too! Thank you!


We’d love to reuse your jars! Please leave your jars, clean lids  and rings (especially wide mouth quarts) to receive your $1 deposit back! If you feel you have not received your correct jar credit, please let us know.

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