Chef Kristen


Hi! I’m Chef Kristen. I love cooking great food. But so much more, I love bringing people together through food. Sometimes this means connecting families around the dinner table, sometimes healing individuals and communities that lack culture around sharing meals and growing food, and sometimes it means connecting someone to the source of their own healing through food and lifestyle. Helping and serving others is my true passion.

How did I get here? Looking back, it has been a twisted road of trying different meal service offerings, working in kitchens and farmers markets, sitting as a board member and employee of a local non-profit for years working in the local food system, working for Farm-to-School… all of these things have paved the way to the current online meal service and brick-and-mortar storefront of the Jefferson Farm Kitchen in Jacksonville, Oregon.

But let’s dig deeper. WHY am I here? Because I love to serve others, yes. However, there is something bigger at play. Everything I do for my customers and in my business is also something I need in my own life. I need community connections. I need healthy local food sources. I need to spend my money on local businesses so I can FEEL good. I need health solutions that other convenience foods do not offer. This is really all about ME! Just kidding, but funny how life works out that way, huh?

With over a decade in the Rogue Valley and 20 years in the Pacific Northwest, I am confident we live in one of the most magical and blessed places for food source and the ability to heal ourselves and the environment through awareness, lifestyle and community action. I am honored to be a part of this web we are weaving through raised consciousness that will help create new economies, new health opportunities and the sense of community through our daily Choices.

Thank you for supporting me! You are why I am here. Much love and gratitude,

Kristen Lyon, Chef and Owner

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