Food and Community Go Together

Healthy Food – Healthy Planet
Healthy People

We envision a world where together our food choices support both current and future generations. We are not meant to do it on our own. Let our Community Supported Kitchen help fill the void between health and happy!

Meet Your Personal Chefs

Meet Chef Kristen and learn more about her passion to bring local, healthy, organic and delicious food to her community.

What’s Important To You
Is Important To Us

Your Health

Local organic produce and pastured meats go into our recipes along with a lot of love so you can feel your best. Everything is made from scratch so we can tailor to your needs.

Local Farms

Our produce comes from regenerative farms in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon. Instead of depleting the soil and spraying chemicals, these farmers are tending to the health of our planet and future generations.

Less Plastic

By ordering directly from local farms and packaging all our own foods, we are able to remove more plastic from our food chain. Participate with our refundable glass jars program, and recyclable or reusable containers to further remove plastics.

Your Time

Whether it’s a full meal, a side dish, or a snack, our food comes prepared. Simply heat and eat. You’ll even have fewer dishes to clean up when you’re done and zero food waste. Finally, convenient food that’s good for you.

Who knew a pot pie could do so much?

It’s Time For A Break

Let us cook your dinner in our Community Supported Kitchen (CSK)!

We source food from the best local farms and prep everything. Support the renewing of our soil and healthy food production by choosing a meal plan or ordering a la carte meals.

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